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Instrument Supply and Rental Information

Method Books

4th Grade - 6th Grade: Essential Elements Book 1

7th Grade - 8th Grade: Essential Elements Book 2 

*** Each student should have a method book specific to the instrument that they play. Method books can be ordered on Amazon or through me. 

Rental Information

Elefante Music Store is our recommended ICS rental and repair company. A representative visits on a weekly basis to drop off supplies and repair instruments (repairs on Elefante instruments are free.) Elefante Music provides students with reasonably priced, high quality instruments and the convenience of a weekly repair visit. Of course, if you already own an instrument or prefer to rent from another provider, you are welcome to do so. 


Click here for the link to Elefate Music Store's Online Rental Shop!


Rental Code:

578682022 - 10 Month (Recommended)

5786820225 - 5 Month

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