Students receive a band progress every marking period. Along with an assessment of instrumental skills, we also give them a grade based on:

  - Lesson Attendence (40 pts.)

  - Band Rehearsal Attendance (40 pts.)

  - Practice Minutes (Recorded on Practice Logs) (20 pts.)

  - Karate Band Test *See study guide below* (2nd and 4th marking periods) (20 pts.) 

*1 point is deducted each time a student is without their instrument.

*2 points are deducted each time a student has an unexcused absence from a lesson.

Grading Rubric:                                                 

90- 100= A

80- 89 = B

70- 79 = C

60- 69 = D

0- 59   = F

Karate Band Study Guide: 

1st Marking Period Practice Log HERE 

Concert Attire

 (Concert attire is to be worn to school on the day of the concert for the morning dress rehearsal as well as the evening

- Boys - Black dress pants/ white button front dress shirt & tie/ black shoes
- Girls - Black dress pants (no leggings or skinny jeans) or long black skirt/ black dress blouse (must have
sleeves and cannot be sheer)/ black shoes.

Important Dates

Christmas Concert: Tuesday, December 14th

1/2 Day Rehearsals (7/8 Band Only):

**TBD as needed

Spartan Band Day: Friday, October 15th